Privacy Policy

Zion Tax & Insurance, Corp. does not share your information with another person or with another company. Your information will only be used by our company to send you updates on the service you have requested from us, service information, offers and news.

Terms & Conditions

Zion Tax & Insurance, Corp. has terms and conditions when you purchase a service from us. It is important that you read each of them carefully and if you agree you can continue with the service payment process, these are:

  • The payment made for the service is a final payment and is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • The payment made for the service is not transferable under any circumstances.
  • Once you make the payment for the services, we will be contacting you within 24-72 hours (working days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) to request the necessary information to perform the service.
  • The methods of communication from us to you would be by email ( or by phone call (407-247-6651).
  • Cancellations of services that have already been paid for are not accepted.
  • Before making a service payment you must be very sure of the service since cancellations and returns are not accepted.
  • In the case of digital products, at the time of purchasing the digital product, the customer can download it.
  • The delivery of services once it is done will be through email(

Return Policy

Zion Tax & Insurance, Corp. has return policies when you make a payment for any of our services.

Any payment made is a final payment. Payment refunds are not made under any circumstances. It is very important that you are sure of the service you are going to request since, as previously mentioned, no refunds are made under any circumstances.